Accompanying transformation processes – “building windmills“

I am happy to share my experience, perspectives and know-how with you regarding the topic of transformation processes and organisational development, which I have gained in my more than 15 years of work in a Fortune 500 U.S. company, as well as externally, in my position as a consultant.

Within this context, the word “accompaniment” is to be taken literally. Since every transformation process and organisation is unique, it is up to you to have a firm hand on the tiller and take the necessary decisions. This is because nobody knows the needs and requirements of your company – regardless of internally or externally – better than you do.

What I offer in the form of support is

  • Creation of a transformation concept that takes account of all stages of the
    process of change

  • Elaboration of a strategy
    so as to actively integrate and involve the affected persons in the change process right from the outset.
  • Leadership development
    „Leading in stormy times“ Especially in times of change, what is needed is a management team that speaks one language; a team that acts with target-oriented consistency, takes decisions, assumes responsibility and act in concert.
  • The critical “from the outside in” perspective
    In the form of offers and hypotheses, I offer you my perspective of the system, ask questions and scrutinise tried and trusted approaches, patterns and habits. In so doing, I also assist you in uncovering weaknesses within the process and in the implementation. Thereby, I consider it my task to address, in particular, the unpleasant issues and “the elephant in the room”.
  • The esteeming “from the outside in” perspective“
    Especially in times of change, we often forget to pay attention to our past successes; what it is that characterises an organisation and what is to be retained despite all the changes, so as to ensure that the own identity and brand is not lost. By working with both polarities – changing and preserving – I can support you in maintaining the balance and not slipping into the one extreme or the other.
  • Elaboration of a communication strategy
    In cooperation with you, I can help you develop a communication strategy, formulating the status of transformation and the target-group appropriate change messages and taking a decision regarding a selection of corresponding methods and forums.
  • Stabilisation and anchorage
    Supervision, coaching, team development for creative fine-tuning and the development of possibly required corrective measures. Elaboration of instruments targeted at demonstrating appreciation and recognition for what has already been achieved.

With which form of Transformation does external support make sense

  • With reorganisations
  • Expansion/acquisition
  • Down-scaling/reorganisation and the discontinuation of sub-divisions
  • Introduction of new systems that have far-reaching impacts on the work organisation and the form of cooperation
  • With management changes