Graphic Facilitation

Visualisation for Potentiation of Creativity

Already early on in my professional career I have come to admire those moderators who were rapidly able to visualise what they had heard into images / sketches and, by means of this, made use of another one of our senses.

At the start, and right up to this very day, plenty of practice is required as well as the courage to put lines and patterns onto paper that might not always be perfect.

I completed meine Graphic Facilitation education with the focal point on “Strategic Visioning” at David Sibbet, Grove/USA( I am also greatly inspired by the models and examples of the “Kommunikationlostsen” (, which you can see in the different editions of Bikablo.

My Offer

  • Strategic Visioning Workshops
    An “illustrated live moderation” in change processes, together with your team, for the creative elaboration of a strategy and visions
  • Team Performance Workshops
    An “illustrated live moderation” for team development, with the objective of clarifying roles, expectations, the playing rules of cooperation and developing mutual tasks and objectives on the foundation of this

Your Benefit

  • Interactive involvement of all involved parties, which releases creative potential
  • Materials that clearly distinguish themselves from the typical standards und power Points
  • Individual results, which the participants identify with strongly