What is Particularly Important for Me in My Work

In each and every form of my work, my fundamental premise is to provide assistance to my counterpart(s) by actual presence and by a mode of work that is characterized by heartfelt commitment, thus helping my customers to find new (and/or rediscover submerged) insights and recognitions within themselves, which in turn allows the creation of consistent and coherent solution options.

The Brain – Heart – Instinct (BHI) Principle

Involving Ones Heart in Ones Work

The “brain”, our mind, stands for knowledge and experience. With our brains we draw “logical” conclusions, analyze data, abstract, compare, evaluate and sort into categories.

The “stomach”(gut instinct), the center of our emotions, stands for feelings and for the ability to perceive these both with oneself and with others, to understand these and to act accordingly.

The “heart”, the home to intuition, wisdom and perception, is the connecting element between the “brain” and the “stomach”. Together with the heartbeat it is the pacemaker for our organism. Instead of interpreting the world exclusively with our brains or allowing oneself to be led solely by feelings, when listening to our hearts, we are placed in a position to

  • recognize and dissolve thought and behavioral patterns
  • find new solutions for problems
  • gain new insights, additional behavioral options and new approaches

Presence – the key to successful cooperation

  • Attentiveness
  • Mindfulness
  • Presence
  • Intuition
  • Intention
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Posing a challenge – in the form of “mirroring” and offers

Please contact me directly in case you have further questions or wish a more in depth exchange and dialogue about the meaning of the BHI concept in and for my consultancy work.

Literature Tips

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