Moderation of Workshops and Discussions

Establish Space for new Perspectives and Options for Action

In many areas, being part of an organisation, system, team or other group oneself, makes it harder to find the approach toward solving a problem or assignment as objectively as possible and without any preconceived opinions. There is the risk of reverting to old patters and more of the same, which leads to a situation in which hardly any space remains for looking at things from a different perspective and establishing a broader base for courses of action.

What is more, the great variety of

  • different opinions
  • mentalities
  • experiences gained
  • needs
  • preferences
  • relationships among one another
  • tried and tested behavioural patterns in the dealings with one another
has to be taken into account. “Being different” is to be encountered with appreciation – which certainly is not always simple in reality. In a nutshell: what one encounters is typical human behaviour.

All of the aforementioned factors make cooperation, critical and constructive dealings with core topics and concerns highly interesting and fascinating, thus diverse. Yet, on the other hand, these dealings are frequently also tough, and only infrequently productive and effective.

The external consultant as a facilitator

As the external consultant/facilitator is not a part of the system, he or she has

  • completely different methods at hand for dealing with these “hot potatoes“ and addressing unpleasant topics – with the focus being placed on solution options instead of remaining stuck with the focus on the problems
  • a different perception regarding the organisation, the system, the team, and the group and is able to take note of factors that the employees, in part, no longer see themselves – because, ultimately, man is a creature of habit
  • a range of perceptions and hypotheses that he or she can provide the system, so as to open up perspectives

My offer to you

Straight away

  • Whether you, personally, have the wish to be able to participate actively in a discussion or a meeting and be a part of the team/group, yet without constantly having to put on and take off the “leader cap”
  • When you would like to assume a new leading position and would like to gain support with the clarification of expectations, roles and assignments in your area of work

Or whether you would like to be supported with regard to the conception and execution of

  • strategy, vision and mission workshops
  • team developments
  • workshops on the topic of “Lessons Learned”
  • future conferences “Strategic Visioning”
  • workshops regarding the topic of change
  • workshops regarding the topic of culture/vales
  • ...

As well as

  • conflict moderation within the team
  • conflict coaching
  • clarification of roles and expectations
  • ...
I would be happy to enter into an exchange with you, so as to be in a position to provide you with an offer that is tailored to your specific needs.