Systemic Coaching and Consultation

Professionalism and the Provision of Services

The objective of consultation and coaching is to support a person, group, organisation or system. This is done with the purpose of mobilising the required internal and external resources that are needed for dealing with problems, changes and (life) questions; to expand both perspectives and perceptions and, as a result, to gain a greater degree of problem-solving expertise, certainty, knowledge and orientation.

Integration of the “Person” Perspective in Career and Organisation

Customised problem-solving in the triangle of tension existing between the professional, organisational and private world

“…In the three worlds’ model of the personality 1, a personality is developed in the professional world, on the stages and in the roles of the organisation world, as well as in the spheres of the private world. Particularly, however, in the interactions between these worlds and in the interplay of their movements and forces…” (Bernd Schmid, “Systemisches Coaching” (Systemic Coaching), EHP 2009 p. 155ff)

Examples for Issues from the 3 Fields


  • Career
  • Motivation
  • Performance
  • Career Change
  • Management versus leadership
  • from colleague to manager
  • dealing with stress/self-management


  • Vision & strategy development
  • Corporate philosophy & culture
  • Reorganisation
  • Decision making
  • Innovative capability

Private life

  • Reconcilitation of leisure time and career
  • Conflicting values
  • Own expectations and performance ability
  • Public image vs. self-image

Support and Space for Experiments, Possibilities and for “Prototyping” 2

Solution competence is found within the system itself – solution orientation instead of “problem hypnosis”

The solution to the question: “What should we do in this situation?” can only be found by the system itself – the role of the consultant is that of a supporter and questioner, who opens the view for possible extended options for action by means of his or her presence, hypothesising and mirroring.

The “Miracle Question” (according to Steve de Shazer):
“Let’s assume you go home after work today and spend your leisure time as you always do. While you are sleeping, a miracle occurs and your problem is solved. You wake up, yet without knowing that this miracle has solved the problem. How will you notice that the problem no longer exists?”

  • What will you do then that you are not doing (yet)?
  • What is/would be different then?
  • What would most likely be the first thing a person from the outside would notice?
  • Which changes would impress him most?
  • What would the consequences of this be ...

Solutions of the second level: circularity instead of linearity

Thinking and asking questions in a circular manner means thinking in a “circle” and taking account of the interlinking aspects and dependencies (reciprocal relationships of which each cannot exist without the other) within a system and integrating these in finding solutions. The benefit of this is that all inner and outer interdependencies and factors are taken into account, instead of searching for those whose fault it is and who is responsible in a purely linear manner, true to the cause-effect principle, and generating solutions of the first (obvious) level.

Examples of simple circular questions:

  • What do you think your employees say about the current problems?
  • What do you think, how do our customers describe our service?
  • If our company were a living being, and could speak, what would it say?
  • What do you think would Mr X have to say on the topic, if he were to be sitting here on your chair now?

An extended way of looking at the theme and development of possibilities with regard to the finding of solutions by means of Tetralemma work

(according to Matthias Varga von Kibed)

The one (A)
The other (B)
Both the one and the other (A and B)
Neither one of the two (neither A nor B)
None of this … and not even that
Something different / new – that what lies hidden...

Raising Awareness and Strengthening of Resources – “lifting the treasure”

Capabilities, talents, proficiencies, skills, virtues, experience, successes, talents, value systems, relationships, bonds, visions, wishes, etc., all of these are resourced that are helpful with problem solving and the development of a worthwhile future.

In the role of a consultant and coach, I see myself as the accompanier of development and as the catalyst of what possibly still lies hidden and/or in the subconscious, and is only waiting to be discovered. This is done with the objective of unfolding potentials and utilising core competences and experiences.

“... the only thing that is really important is the insight that there is no person who will ever know his or her true capabilities”
(Milton Erickson, parenthetical reference Zeig 1995, p. 82)

Passion and Core Competence at the same time

Characterised by appreciation and interest in the world of experience of the other, and in the endeavour to become active in finding a solution to problems from the organisation world, profession world and / or private world, in a supporting manner and in consultation and coaching, so that matching, coherent and new / expanded courses of action open up.

Consultancy Qualifications

  • More than 15 years of professional experience within the direct company context (prior to becoming self-employed, most recently active as “Manager of Organizational Development and Learning Europe” for a globally active Fortune 500 US company in the field of medical technology/laboratory diagnostics)
  • Since 2012, owner of Bergdoll Consulting with national and international clients
  • I would be happy to provide references upon request

Trainings and Further Educations

(national und international)

  • Systemich Coach & Consultant (ISB Wiesloch/
  • Presence Based Coaching (Presence Based Coaching Institute, Doug Silsbee, USA/
  • Structure constellations and trans-verbality (Matthias Varga von Kibed, ISA Berlin)
  • Presencing Foundation (Presencing Institute, Otto Scharmer)
  • Core Constellations, systemic essential constellation work (Corework Institut, Wolfram Jokisch)
  • Core Dialogue, network for professional coaches with systemic training (Corework Institut, Wolfram Jokisch)
  • Business constellations on the system board (LPscocoon, Christiane Grabow)

1 Schmid, Bernd 2009

2 Otto Scharmer, Theorie U 2009/Leading from the Emerging Future 2013