Basic Philosophy and Way of Working

In simple wording, this quote (adjacent) describes my approach in consulting, coaching and training. When working with people and organizations, I attach great importance to approaching every person I have dealings with in a manner that is best suited to address his or her unique characteristics. In so doing, I endeavor to strengthen existing resources and release the energy that is needed for development. I see my contribution in that I provide support and can recognize possible (mental) blocks, “entanglements” and (behavioral) patterns; these issues can then be resolved and new options for appropriate action can be developed in cooperation with one another.


I do not offer a “ready-made” solution! The products I offer are as individual as my clients and are tailor-made to satisfy their interests and requirements.

Involving and Interactive

I am convinced that it is only possible to develop sensible solutions when working together in an atmosphere characterized by candid exchange on the foundation of mutual trust and with the involvement of all parties impacted by this change. Here I see my role as that of catalyst, with the purpose of paving the way for change and further development.


  • English is no foreign word, but rather – apart from the German native language, the second form of communication that is spoken with a high degree of proficiency.
  • International experience as a consultant, coach and trainer, with the main fields of activity in Central and Eastern Europe, the USA and Singapore.
  • International network, cooperation and exchange of experience with consulting colleagues within Europe and the USA.
  • Member of the “American Society of Training and Development” (ASTD)
  • Member of the “Center of Creative Leadership” (CCL)
  • Member of Linkedin ( since 2001, and there also networked in industry-specific international groups.