Learning and Development (LD) – and Organisational Development (OD)

From reality, suited for reality

In this day and age, with regard to securing the competitive, innovative ability and as such the success of a company, personnel development (PD) and organisational development (OD) has taken on a key function within the organisation. A shortage of skilled labour, the demographic change, globalisation and, not least, the (seemingly) inexorable technological advances all call for an increased focus on the potential and development of the own employees. As a catalyst for change processes, the PD/OD is assigned the task of supporting the strategic and operative alignment of the company by means of target-oriented talent management as well as strategic employee development.

However, despite the increasing need for target-oriented PD/OD measures within companies, it is a fact that - especially in the medium-sized enterprises - the personnel department is lacking the capacities for implementation and realisation of strategic PD/OD measures, frequently due to a very strong operative alignment of the resources.

My offer to you

I would be happy to share my experience and expertise with you, which I have acquired in the course of many years of work in a global group of companies, in the field of personnel and organisational development. Here I can support you with regard to

  • Needs analysis of PD/OD measures
  • Conception of PD/OD measures
  • Elaboration of target-group appropriate communication
  • Introduction of and process optimisation of performance management/performance assessment
  • Questions on and implementation of strategic talent management
  • Processes for analysis, with the purpose of employee retention/employee dedication
  • Questions and implementation of succession planning
  • Questions regarding the evaluation of measures
Thereby, the responsibility for the implementation and realisation remains completely in your hands and it is steered by you. In my experience, this is indispensable so as to establish a target-oriented and effective PD/OD within the company in the long run, because only within the company is it possible to guarantee a flexible and continuous needs-oriented PD/OD strategy.

Additional qualification and experience on the topic of associate engagement/employee retention

  • Certified trainer and process consultant Gallup Q12
  • Experience with “ Great Place to Work” as an instrument for measuring the employees’ commitment


An example for the accompaniment and implementation of a programme revolving around the topic of employee retention/associate engagement national and international for a corporate group of medical technology/laboratory diagnostics as well as another German company in the electrical sector

  1. Selected interviews with employees and managers at all levels of the organisation, on the current status quo, independently from the questioning conducted to attain the first “pulse measurement”
  2. The establishment of a team (national/international) for the implementation and realisation
  3. Diagnosis regarding the commitment of the employees with Gallup Q12/Great Place to Work
  4. Moderation workshops with managers to communicate the results and the development of action plans in the respective teams (Train the Trainer)
  5. Establishment of a company-wide approach to communicate the results and the action plans
  6. Coaching and supervision of managers
  7. Team development
  8. Continual follow-up support: reflection regarding content, status of the implementation, etc.